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S3 001. These 5 Words Give You Power in 2021

S3 001. These 5 Words Give You Power in 2021

These 5 words will give you power in creating healthy habits for the new year.  What are those 5 words?

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes.

We dream and hope and pray for healthier changes to become part of our lives.  We fantasize how the future will look once we make the changes and reach our goals.  And the new year is a great time to refresh and dig in!  But are we clear on what we have to do to make those habits a reality?  Are we being honest with ourselves knowing that the only way our health and wellness can change is if we do something differently?  We can make goals and dream about the outcome, but the real work is in the days between – when we have to become mindful of interrupting our autopilot habits and purposeful about adopting new behaviors so that new ways of living become a reality for us.

So get clear on the changes you’d like to see, make a plan that will define what daily actions you need to take and finally, put these 5 words in your toolbox:

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes.

Pull them out every time you feel stuck or tempted to go back to old, easier, familiar habits.  Remind yourself that you have the power to change your life, you have the power to shift the trajectory of your health.  Nothing will change if you don’t change.   Your everyday actions are the key to finding Freedom in Healthy Living.

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