Month: March 2021

S3 003. Do The Next Thing

S3 003. Do The Next Thing

Have you ever found yourself completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of a task?  And in those moments did you ever decide that doing nothing was the easiest course of action?  And then later discovered that the task was still lurking there, in the corner, days later… waiting to be dealt with? 

Ugh!!!  Me too! 

I’ve found myself so caught up in the grand scheme of a situation that I basically rendered myself helpless to take any action at all.  But, that does not move us toward our goal, task or challenge.  It either delays the inevitable (having to eventually do SOMETHING) or removes the chance completely to make any progress at all.  

In this episode you’ll learn how just doing the next thing in the current moment is all you need to escape the pressure of performance.  Remove the entirety of the undertaking from your mind and focus only on the single next thing you can do in the moment in front of you.  Believe me, it’ll be the step you’ve always needed and it’ll always be enough.